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College Board AP Exams are administered differently this year – Eastside

College Board Advanced Placement 

(AP) Exam Registration & Payment  Information


The College Board  AP Exams will be administered in school during the weeks of May 6-10 and May 13-17, 2024.  To learn more about the benefits and structure of AP Exams visit this College Board link: AP Exams Overview

2024 College Board AP Exam Schedule

Before paying for AP Exams, students must sign in or create a College Board account and Join their AP Classroom.  This step is done in class and instructions are shared by the teacher.  Even if a student pays for an exam, the College Board will not provide an exam unless this step is complete.  Most students have completed this in the first few weeks of school. 


If students have an issue with this step, please contact Mrs. La Vitola, at [email protected], or stop in her office for assistance, Office 205.  


Payment for each exam is made through Revtrak.

  • The cost of each AP exam is $98.00. (Note: AP Physics C,  AP Government, AP Physics C, and AP Economics each consist of two $98 exams). Exception: the cost of the AP Seminar and AP Research exams are $146.00 each.

  • The payment deadline is November 5, 2023.  Any exam ordered after 11/5/23 and by 3/3/24 will be charged a $40 College Board late fee.  Exception: AP Macroeconomics, AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism, and AP US Government & Politics are 2nd-semester classes and the College Board does not assess a late fee to these exams.

  • The absolute deadline to order an AP exam is March 3, 2024. A $40 late fee will be added to each exam. 

  •  An exam that has been paid for and canceled after 11/5/23 will incur a $40 restocking fee as charged by The College Board.

  • The College Board offers a fee reduction for eligible students with financial need. Please see Mrs. La Vitola, [email protected], Office 205, for further details.


Between 11/6/23 - 3/3/24, students who choose not to test after signing up for an exam are eligible for a partial refund reflecting the $40 cancellation fee imposed by The College Board. 

Refunds will not be available after 3/3/24.


  1. Enter new student information if not listed and click Add Student Information.
  2. Provide Teacher.
  3. Click Add to Cart for the applicable student.

 If you have any questions or experience an issue during your registration or payment please contact RevTrak for assistance at 888-847-9885