Summer School


Online only registration opens Monday, February 5, 2018. Enter your student's Last Name and Student ID at the time of Online Registration (Student ID numbers can be found on your student's ID card). 2018-19 incoming Freshman student numbers are the same ID numbers used at Deer Path and Lake Bluff Middle Schools. Students from all other feeder schools for the incoming freshman class should use the paper registration form found on the last page of the catalog.

LFHS Summer School 2018

Payment & Refunds

Payment for all courses must be made in full at time of registration. Course fees vary and are listed within the specific course information. Discover/Visa/Master Card are accepted. There is a $50.00 non-refundable cancellation fee for each course.


The APT Student Grants Program works to support students who wish to pursue credit or enrichment courses at LFHS. If your child is considering a course in our summer school program, please encourage them to submit a Grant Application.

Additional consideration will be given to students where financial resources would otherwise limit a student's participation in the summer program. Students submitting applications through the grant program should not register through the LFHS Web Store. Please contact Cindy Rogna to be placed on a class list while grant evaluation is in progress. Once tuition grants are approved, any remaining accounts can be settled without losing a spot in the class.

Grades for Credit Courses

If a student is taking a course in which credit is given, report cards will be mailed home and grades will be computed into each LFHS student’s GPA and posted to their transcript after the completion of the course.

Attendance for Credit Courses

Late arrival is considered a tardy whether it occurs in the morning or upon return from lunch. Summer School is a highly condensed course. The Driver’s Education classes allow a maximum of 3 classroom sessions and 1 BTW session. If excessively absent, the student will be withdrawn as the State of Illinois requirements will not be met.

  • Attendance is expected
  • Max one (1) day absence per semester policy
  • Three (3) tardies = One (1) absence


There is no bus service for Summer School.

For more information, please contact:

Cindy Rogna
847-582-7317 (search "Summer School")